Working with Candidates

Each professional is unique – but the obstacles in finding employment are all too common. That is why we developed our products and services to be flexible while maintaining a structured methodology. We embrace candidates’ individuality and varying backgrounds while utilizing key tactics to make professional progress. Each product and service has two distinct goals:

  1. Overcome obstacles preventing you from obtaining a career in the federal government
  2. Develop your professional identity for you to be your own best advocate

Resume & Cover Letter Transformation: improve and enhance an existing resume by partnering directly with a career advisor. We review your supporting documents through the lens of a federal agency to ensure your resume exceeds expectations. Navigation: federal agencies require most applications go through An understanding of the website is crucial for employment in the federal government. We assist candidates with individual applications and provide walkthroughs and strategies to develop independence.

Mock Interviews: whether you have secured an interview or want to be prepared for when one gets scheduled, our sessions review best practices, helpful tips, and opportunities to run through varying scenarios.

A La Carte: the employment landscape can be overwhelming – you may not know where to even begin. For example, you may find it challenging to develop a resume if you can’t identify which federal agency or department may be a good fit with your interest and skills. You may want a second pair of eyes before submitting an application. AskNot offers one-on-one career advisement services to partner with any challenges you face.

If you have any questions or interest in learning more about how we can assist with your professional objectives, please reach out to